Design and Product Development

Very well Acquainted with the Latest Technologies in the Design, Production and the Machinery, We have a specialized Team for new product development through services in the areas of product design, simulation, engineering drafting, computer-aided engineering design and manufacturing.

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Welding Jigs and Fixtures

With our in-house Design team, and with the extensive knowledge in the latest technologies we are in the arena of Designing and Manufacturing the Welding Fixtures.

  • Best Design for the Accurate and Precise Product Out with Reliability
  • Simulation and Analysis for the Long Lasting Fixture and Safety
  • Hydraulic, Electric and Pneumatic Technologies
  • Increase Productivity with the minimal Setting and Changeover times.

CAD CAM and ERP/MRP Software

Much more than from CAD to CODE, SMSC Team is very specialized in understanding the customer needs and provides Nesting and Programming software for the Laser, Plasma, Waterjet Profile cutting Machines and for Turret Punch Press.

SMSC Sheetmetal Solutions is the Official Solution partner for WiCAM Germany for the Indian Sub-Continent.

WiCAM GmbH Technische Software represents the latest Software Technologies in Automated programming for sheet metal working machines for Punching, Laser, Autogen/Plasma, Waterjet and many more.

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Nesting Services

You have no in-house Nesting and Programming Software?

We have a department at SMSC providing the customer the Nesting Services.

You Provide us the 3D or 2D CAD Files and we give you the Nested DXF Files giving the maximum Yield, Nesting Reports and the Microsoft Excel Report with the data you need for the Costing.

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Tools and Consumables

With the Motto of One stop solution for the Sheetmetal Industry, We are the Partners with the Best Punch Tool and Bending Tool Manufacturers in India.

We do provide the Machine consumables for the Laser Cutting Machines.